My Top 5

#1 – Colour Correcting Tinted Moisturizer

Oh where do I even start with this one?? Well it is skincare with makeup built into it making it quick, easy and effortless! Our Colour Correcting Tinted Moisturizer often referred to as CCTM is everything you could ever want. It has green pigments in it to cancel out redness and impurities, it comes in 3 colours (light, medium and deep) and colour corrects 4-5 shades making it super easy to choose your shade and having it match perfectly, it has Seneplex Complex in it so it is helping your skin to look and feel better as well as being anti-aging, it has a mechanical shield equivalent of 15 SPF and it provides the perfect amount of coverage to help blur impurities but still let your natural beauty shine through, oh and it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything and you can apply it with your fingers like regular moisturizer!

I use it daily and one bottle ( which has an airless pump so you get every drop) lasts me around 4-5 months. I also love mixing it with pearlizer for some added glow or pearlizer and foundation for some added coverage when I want to get real fancy!

Colour Correcting Tinted Moisturizer $58 plus tax, s+h

#2 – LashSense Volumeintense Mascara

Ask me a year ago and our mascara would not have been on here BUT SeneGence launched a new one last October and I am seriously obsessed, as is everyone else who has tried it! Not only is our mascara amazing a thicking and lengthing your lashes when applied, it also has Capixly in it which grows your natural lashes by 46% in just 4 weeks! Its like a lash serum that you won’t forget to put on mixed with the best mascara ever! Our mascara is also very voulumious, holds a curl very well and our waterproof is damn well lifeproof and the non waterproof is still humidity proof! I personally wear the black, waterproof all the time but it also comes in non-waterproof and in black/brown.

LashSense Volumeintense Mascara $38 plus tax, s+h

#3 – Climate Control

Seriously this stuff changed my skin, I went from extreme combination skin to one that is pretty even! I am warning you now once you incorporate Climate Control into your skincare routine your skin will never feel hydrated again without it! This is fondly known in the SeneGence world as Gatorade for your face because it offers such a deep level of hydration!

Climate Control is our purest form of SenePlex Complex. Sene Plex Complex is a kinetic enzyme that helps to speed up your cellular renewal rate. The quicker your skin sheds, the quicker you’re going to see healthier, vibrant, less damaged & younger looking skin. Made of the smallest molecular weight, this moisturizing spritz delivers pure SenePlex® Complex, natural oils and beneficial ingredients for cellular repair to the skin at the deepest level. 

It also increases your skins moisture content up to 73%! When your skin has an abundance of moisture, it will literally reflect a higher % of the atmospheric light. This is where that term of “you’re glowing” comes from! On top of the amazing benefits I just mentioned above, Climate Control is PACKED FULL of natural oils and ingredients like Algae, Orhid Flower Extract, Evening Primrose Oil (proven to help treat skin conditions like eczema), Jojoba Seed Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, Sandalwood Oil & TONS of other beneficial ingredients for cellular repair for your skin at the deepest level. And also Collagen boosting Glucosomine HCL cause, because who wants wrinkly skin? It can be used all over your body is great for sunburns, stretch marks, eczema, diper rash and basically anything!

Climate Control $79 plus tax, s+h

#4 – ShadowSense

I would say this is probably one of our most underrated products and our most versatile! ShadowSense is a creme to powder eyeshadow. It comes in a tube just like the LipSense (good bye messy, broken pallets!!) and is very concentrated so a little goes an extremely long way! It’s so soft and it feels like little clouds on your eyelids!

You have about 90 second to blend and play with ShadowSense before it sets and becomes waterproof, smudge proof, and crease proof! The best part- it doesn’t fall out and stays on all day! No need to worry about cleaning up your face after applying! ShadowSense is one of my favorite products because of it’s versatility! You can wear them as normal eyeshadow, or use them as eyeliner, blush, contour, concealer, brows, highlight and even on your lips!

SeneGence is releasing so many new fun ShadowSense colours and you can also mix shadowsense since they are cream to create your own individualised colours!

ShadowSense $30 plus tax, s+h

#5 – LipSense

Obviously I couldn’t do this post without the product that started it all… LipSense! Although not my favourite overall SeneGence product anymore (CCTM has taken that spot) it definitely makes it in the top 5! I love th0e worry free aspect of LipSense! I know that I can put it one once in the morning and be confident throughout the day that its not all over my face or teeth or cup! I love that I can kiss my boyfriend, eat and drink and change my outfit all without worrying about my lipstick transfering!

I also really like the ability to mix colours and create the perfect lipcolour to match my outfit or mood! I’m kinda cheating here but because lipsense is a system that only works with the gloss I can also talk about how amazingly hydrating the gloss is and how much I love just wearing the glossy on its own on days when I don’t wear lipsense, especially all out fun tinted ones!

LipSense Colour $34 plus tax, s+h, LipSense Gloss $26 plus tax, s+h
First Time Users need a Starter kit which includes colour, gloss and remover $73 plus tax, s+h