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LipSense is a patented lip colour that molecularly bonds to your lips making it smudgeproof, transferproof, basically life proof for up to 18 hours, (I typically get 8-10 hours of wear).

Here are all the the current LipSense colours including Limited edition colours, along the top you will find them broken down into categories to help narrow it down!

All colours are $30 + tax, s+h. If you are new to LipSense you will need a starter kit which includes a colour of your choice, a glossy gloss (to provide moisture and seal the bond) and a remover (yes it will stay on till you take it off) for $67 + tax, s+h.

Click here to order or for information on our 90 Day Love It Guarantee!

Permenant LipSense Colours

Limited Edition LipSense Colours