Oh Hey!

My names Lindsay Wilson (Lindz Wilson on Facebook) and I am so excited to have you here! I thought I should do an awkward rundown of me and why you’ll see so much of my face in here.

In February 2017 I came across this magical lipstick call LipSense and well you can say it was love at first swipe 😍😍😍 Suddenly I was able to wear bold lip colours and subconsciously bite my lip at the same time without looking like a total hot mess the second I smiled! I’m horrible with keeping secrets so of course I had to share this with everyone and that’s why I signed up to sell SeneGence Products!

I am all about double duty products that provide immediate benefits and long-term ones at the same time and of course products that actually work which is why I am so confident in sharing these products with you! SeneGence products are not like the typical beauty products you use now which is why I initially started this business so that I could share my tips and tricks and do simple, easy tutorials using the products.

I am NOT a make-up artist, or artistic at all (I actually almost failed art in highschool). Our products are just amazing and easy to use so trust me when I say if I can do this you can too!

Oh ya this is suppose to be about me… well honestly i’m pretty boring, you wouldn’t know it but i’m actually pretty quiet and introverted. I work full time doing economic development and marketing and do this SeneGence thing for fun on the side. I live in Renfrew, ON with my boyfriend and love small town living and how beautiful the Ottawa Valley is. I am a total bookworm and love movies! I’m also pretty active and love being outside fishing, camping and lake life. I’m 30 but age is just a number or at least that’s what I keep telling myself… and well I don’t really know what else to say!

10 Random Things About Me

1. My middle name is Fox. It was my mom’s maiden name.
2. I am an obsessive reader. I can’t start a book unless I know I have lots of spare time coming up because I become addicted and literally can’t put it down and will stay up all through the night saying “one more chapter”.
3. I love being outdoors. We have a Jeep and love going back country camping.
4. I carry ketchup packs in my purse. Not having ketchup (or no name ketchup) will ruin meals so I keep the extra packets I get from fast food restaurants with me.
5. My boyfriend and I started dating when we were 15 & 16.
6. Water feeds my soul and the dock is my happy place.
7. I knew I wanted to study and work in marketing since grade 6 and have never looked back.
8. I am a hairdressers worst nightmare. I get my hair done once, maybe twice a year and most days I don’t even brush it.
9. I have two ferrets Marshall and Missy and had no idea they even existed before owning one.
10. I pretty much never buy anything that isn’t on sale. If couponing was as good in Canada as it is in the States I totally would be a crazy coupon lady. This is also how I became a distributor because I love a good deal and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get 20-50% off my makeup.