Book Review: The Mother-In-Law

Was it suicide? Was it murder? What was the motive ? And most importantly who did it??

This book follows the relationship of Lucy and her mother in law Diana. The book jumps back and forth between both their characters in the past and present. The book starts off with the sudden shock of being told that Diana is dead and through the book we learn more about Diana’s relationships with her family and slowly unravel the mystery surrounding her apparent suicide.

This was a good book which I would recommend and story did keep me guessing the whole time however it took me all month to read this one. I personally find it difficult to keep up with books that jump between characters as I constantly need to flip back to remember whose chapter I’m reading. I also find it harder to get really into the can’t stop, won’t go to bed immersed in a book black hole when it naturally keeps breaking me away every chapter with a change of time or character.

This book is the 2nd book we have read as part of the Kiss It Better Beauty Book Club. This is an online bookclub that you can really join in at anytime but we do pick a new book to read every month. Check it out and join along on Instagram or Facebook .

If you have read the book already read below for more discussion, if not go read it and then come back to avoid any spoilers!

The Mother-In-Law by Sally Hepworth









Ok what Nettie…. I wasn’t expecting that at all! I don’t really know who I was suspecting perhaps Patrick or Edward but defiantly wasn’t expecting her own daughter over money. I really even when she was holding the pillow over her face was expecting her to have given it up and that they would have had some like bonding moment or something but nope she went straight cold-hearted. Also do you think she would have ended up killing herself if she had been left the money and able to have a surrogate?

Also I really was liking Diana by the end and her relationship with Lucy was getting so sweet that I was actually really sad at that point that she had died when she had chosen not to.

I would love to know your thoughts on this book and if you like books that switch back and forth between characters. Leave me a comment below or join in the discussion on Instagram or Facebook .

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