Easy Delicious Summer Supper

I am going to start by saying you are welcome…

I love trying to recreate meals I get at restaurants and this one I created after having a very similar dish at Baton Rouge. This dish is so simple and delicious it has become a staple dinner this summer for K and I, like seriously we have it every week, sometimes twice lol.


What you will need (this is for 2 -3 people):

2-3 Chicken breast  (bone out preferred but not necessary)
1 cup of Kraft Balsamic Salad Dressing
1 Carrot
1 Onion
3 garlic Cloves
1 tbs of margarine/butter
1 container of Chicken or Veg Stalk
2 Peppers
4 oz Goat Cheese
Rice (optional)


  1. Marinate your chicken in some Kraft Balsamic Salad Dressing, 30 min minimum but overnight is best.
  2. Saute some shredded carrot, finely chopped onion and garlic with butter in sauce pan till lightly brown.

While that is sauteing I cut the 4 sides off of each pepper. You can also cut up any other veggies you want to grill. I have added sliced zucchini and beet slices to this before and they were good!

Once the sauteed veggies are fragrant and have started turning brown add chicken or vegetable stock. I add about 3/4 of the container as we like a lot of sauce so that it can soak into the rice as well! Let this boil for 5 – 10 minutes then strain out the vegetables and return the infused stock to the stove to boil down. Add any seasoning you want, I typically add salt and pepper and any fresh herbs we have like rosemary or basil. Continue boiling down until desired thickness. I will often add a table spoon of corn starch mixed with cold water to my sauce as the chicken is almost finished cooking just to help thicken it.

  1. BBQ your chicken and brush with more salad dressing during cooking.
  2. Grill the peppers and whatever veggies you are using until desired grill marks and texture occur. I like mine still fairly firm with charred marks.

I make 5-minute rice to go with this dish, however, I substitute a 1/4 cup of water with the balsamic salad dressing for some additional flavour.

Once everything is cooked I then put a large scoop of rice on my plate topped with a piece of chicken, then crumble some goat cheese on the chicken, add peppers on top of the goat cheese then add another crumbling of goat cheese, top with sauce and enjoy!

There are so many variations you could do with this recipe and it could even be made vegetarian by substituting the chicken for eggplant or zucchini!