Clothing Swap

Posted by Lindzfw on March 13, 2017


I had to opportunity to attend a clothing swap a few weeks ago where I pick up this orangey yellow top. I never would have picked this colour off of the shelf but that’s the great thing about clothing swaps it allows you to try styles and colours you typically won’t because their is no risk and you have friends around to encourage you.

If you google clothing swaps there are plenty of ways to organize them that range from super strict and full of rules to very informal. The one I attended was very informal basically everyone who attended brought any clothes from their closet that didn’t fit or they just were bored of and wanted a change. We all laid out our clothes we had brought around the basement, some of the ladies even had brought some clothing racks which helped display the clothes. Then it was just a free for all, ladies drinking, trying on clothes, suggesting clothes for each other to try on and providing advice on what looks good and what doesn’t.

All and all it was a great night and I left with some great pieces to freshen up my wardrobe. I would highly suggest chatting with your girlfriends and planning a date for a clothing swap. Season change is a great time of year for a closet clean out as Winter is almost done (hopefully) so you know what of your winter wardrobe you don’t actually wear but you can also pull out your spring/summer wardrobe and see what you no longer want.  Some tips I can give is get a few people to bring full length mirrors, have some garbage bags to pack up the clothes at the end of the night for donation and encourage people to also bring non size related accessories such as purses, jewelry and scarves.

I hope you all had a great weekend. It was freezing here, I am trying so hard in these photos not to show how cold I was but it was -20. We spent most of the weekend just relaxing at home and I had a nice dinner with my family on Saturday for my Uncles birthday. I also did a bunch of work for my Lips With Lindz business, I actually launched a St. Patricks Day giveaway on my facebook page, so if you want to win a free lip colour like the on I’m wearing in these photos click here to find out how to win.