The Perfect Accessory


It is a rare occurrence that I am not wearing colour and even when I do I feel the need to add a pop of colour typically through my lipstick. You can see from the before and after photos above that adding a little lipstick can really change the whole look of an outfit.

I had however pretty much given up on lipstick until a month ago when I came across LipSense. I would put lipstick on in the morning and it would look great but then by the time my coffee was done it would be gone without a trace or even worse smudged or on my teeth. But I no longer need to worry about this anymore with LipSense. I put it on in the morning and it outlasts my whole day without having to reapply or worry about it smudging, getting on my clothes or teeth. It comes in over 36 colours with over 12,000 layering options too so there is always the perfect colour to match my outfit. Like seriously check out this video, it is what grabbed my attention and made me say “I Need This!”

I actually love the product so much I have decided to become a distributor so if you want to learn more about LipSense or order some check out my facebook page .