I Can’t Adult Today

Ugh, getting back into the swing of things after the holidays is so hard. I know I’m not the only one suffering today. K and I took it pretty easy most days over the holidays with many lazy days filled with Coffee & Bailey’s, Brunch, Pj’s, lots of reading and binge watching mixed in with busy events spent with friends and family. It was heaven and I am sincerely missing it already and it’s only the first day back.

This shirt I got for Christmas is just perfect for these types of days and I can’t wait to get home, put it on and curl up on the couch. It is honestly the softest shirt ever and is the perfect thickness for keeping you warm but not overly hot. Both the shirt and knee high socks I am wearing are from Maurices , which is quickly becoming one of my favourite stores. I find most of their prices reasonable too and they always have a great sale on something like the 75% off sale going on right now! I instantly loved this shirt but they only had it in a 4XL I figured what the hell and tried it on anyways. I actually love how oversized it is on me because it hangs nicely and is long enough for me to wear as a sleep shirt or with leggings when lounging around.

Hope you all managed to survive the first day back!