Camping Outfit Staple

With the August long weekend coming up I am sure many people plan to spend it camping. One of our favourite things to do in the summer is camp and we have gotten pretty good at packing and simplifying our gear so that we are always ready to throw our camping bins in the Jeep and go. I guess this could be consider a summer outfit staple in general, but its the first thing I throw in my bag when we are heading out to a weekend away in the bush and I wear it pretty much every day while camping so well stick with camping outfit staple.

The one item of clothing I always make sure to pack is a flannel plaid button up. It is my go to item when camping as it is so versatile, can be shoved in a bag without getting wrinkled and the plaid pattern hides stains and dirt pretty well which is important because camping is dirty. The shirt can be used as a bathing suit cover up during the day to help protect you from the sun and bugs, it can be thrown on with shorts or leggings to provide warmth around the bonfire when the temperatures start to drop and is comfy enough to sleep in keeping you warm throughout the night. Flannel also dries pretty quickly which was key on this trip as we got hit with a big summer storm on day.

I like my flannel shirts super baggy and loose so I typically get mine from the mens section. I have had such great luck finding flannel shirts at Giant Tiger but this one is my favourite. I picked it up last fall and I just love the colour and it is the softest flannel I have ever felt (I actually went back a few weeks later to get another colour as I was wearing this one an embarrassing amount of times a week and scored another red one on clearance for $3!)

What are your must have items that you pack when camping? I’d love to hear your suggestions as I always am looking for practical, versatile ideas that still look cute!