Welcome! I believe that a smile is the best makeup a girl can wear & that red lipstick is a superpower. Our amazing skin care and long-lasting make-up is easy to use, does what it says it will and works extra hard to not only provide you with benefits immediately but also long term. Here you will find info on our products, our business and some extra tips! I absolutely love helping you find your perfect products so please do not hesitate to reach out.

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All SeneGence® products have a 90 Day Love It Guarantee so there’s no risk in trying a product or a colour and getting stuck with it! I would love to help you find the perfect product or colour for you so please do not be shy and reach out to me for help!

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Coloured Cosmetics

The categories below will take you to pages here on my website that best showcase the colours of the products and give basic info. There is no checkout/cart option on this site, so make your wish list and when you are ready to order see your options here.

Everything Else!

The categories below will take you right to my SeneGence website where you will find all the info about the products, their ingredients and the science behind the product. You can choose to order directly from that site or any of my other ordering options.

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If you are ready to sign up click here to join! If you want some more info read below.

What could this business do for you?

We all have goals and dreams that we want to accomplish in life and a lot of them are typically tied to finances. The truth is to make more money at your current job you typically need to work more hours or get a raise. Or to add income to your household you would have to go out and get a job, or a second job or even a third job. But what if you could give yourself a rise in your free time, and earn money based on your effort, not just the hours you put in? What if you could create a career that fit your lifestyle either on the side or full time?

You could start your own business from the ground up if you have a good idea but most people don’t want to be an entrepreneur, they just want to make more money and be their own boss! This is where MLMs come in. Essentially all the hard work and logistics are done for you and all that is left for you to do is the fun part: Share it!

The Quick Facts

  • The sign-up fee is $75 and its annual (kinda like a Coscto/Prime Membership)
  • Distributors get 20-50% OFF!
  • There are no hidden fees, no monthly order requirements, no cancellation fees, no auto ships, which means NO pressure!!
  • To stay active you have to order $200 worth of products in 6 months. This is super easy to do!
  • The sign-up fee is refundable if you decided this isn’t for you and SeneGence will buy back product from your last order. 
  • You can choose to manage product and ship to customers or have SeneGence ship directly.
  • Yous will get this New Distributor Kit:

What does being a distributor entail?

The simple answer? Whatever you want it to?

You get what you put into this business. 
Don’t want to do in person parties or demos? You don’t have to. 
Don’t want to deal with product and shipping? You don’t have to.
Don’t want to use social media? You don’t have to.
Don’t want to sell to your family or friends? You don’t have to.
I think you get where i’m heading here.

You are the boss, you get to decide how you want to run your business and how much time you want to put into it. You will have more resources and training at your fingertips then you could ever want and it is your choice what you to do with them. 

I don’t want to miss lead you here, this is not a get rich quick scam, to have a successful business you are going to have to work but honestly, I hesitate to call this work cause its just so dang fun! 

How Do I Make Money?

Sales: There are two options on how to sell:

  • You can purchase products from SeneGence and ship products yourself and make 20-50% profit.
  • You can share your link and have customers purchase directly from SeneGence and they ship for you, you make 15-45% profit.

Commission: Sign people under you to start building a team and earning up to 10% on their orders. With SeneGence you earn 5 lines deep, as wide as you want and never break off.  We have the best commission plan in the biz, click here to see! (This is option and not required to be successful)

Ready to Join?

I would be more than happy to chat about any questions you have regarding this business and how I can help you launch your business! Please do not hesitate to reach out to me by e-mail, on Facebook or on Instagram!

When you are ready to sign up click here to join!

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